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[Chinese shoes Network - the consumer market] when you see the "two yuan Free shipping Leggings, 8 yuan shipping of cotton, 9.9 yuan can buy Nike sneakers" this information, you can enough calm it? On the magical Taobao sellers and Ray's wonderful marketing tool, really makes you incredible. ridiculously low price to delay closing does not arrive double 12 on the eve of the public Ms Chan QQ group saw a message: "There are stores selling leggings on Taobao, the original price of 128 yuan one, today, to engage in activities as long as 2 yuan a pro who quickly go and see . " Chan dubious group forwards the message to my colleagues, to make people's eyes along with true and false identification. Open link, this shop and general shop looks no different. Stores sell this "warmth plus thick velvet leggings Slim fashion", was marked eye-catching promotions tag: "2 yuan shipping loss dead day." In order to prevent more than one pers jordan 3 katrina 2018 on robbed, the owner also other marked "Each ID restriction of two, multi-shot is not shipped." Miss Li colleagues worried: "? That time will not sent me a bunch of rag" But there are colleagues think these pants sold records already broken million, not quite like fraud. "even cheated, but also 2 dollars on lottery luck note when buying it." With this in mind, the unit where more than 10 female colleagues took this 2 dollars Leggings and then wait for the seller shipped. at a single time, we also noticed that the store remind: Due to the huge amount of sales orders, warehouse explosion express easily and readily lost pieces, to ensure the quality, delivery time for the January 5, 2013 - January 15 day. Over the past two weeks, many people have almost forgotten this order. A few weeks ago, Ms. Chen and his colleagues have received the news of pants has been shipped. But finding out any logistics information. Sellers lookin cheap foamposites g for advice, the seller has not Want Online. Until a few days ago, we opened Taobao system to jump out a message: "Hello, your seller XXX fraud, Taobao account has been closed down for the protection of safety of your funds, please apply for an order XXX. refund. " Fortunately, still time to apply for a refund. "Because there is no receipt, the seller can not get the money, and now the store has also been seized, they are doing and why?" Although he is no real loss, but Ms. Chen still baffled. The original is to cheat traffic and taking customer information reporter's question on Ms. Chen to Taobao verification. There are indeed some sellers recently released ultra-cheap goods, and then for various reasons will not be shipped. Taobao After investigation, these sellers cheat to get cheap traffic, when the consumer and the seller, and then showing this product is not available, this behavior has been suspected of fraud, has jordan retro 14 white/fuchsia blast/black closed shop sellers involved. Taobao staff said, because "super cheap" standard is difficult to define precisely, so they will not take "one size fits all" approach to low-priced products. "But we have taken a number of technical means, such as a product of the same sort of search in the search results, especially those low-priced products will not be a priority to show." Taobao to remind consumers not to covet cheap, To the credit rating of the sellers and buyers of carefully screened. Taobao senior buyer, Mr Wu told reporters that such a "super cheap" hoax, has emerged very early. Some sellers will conspire with the courier company salesman, clerk to provide a non-Taobao Express number, it will show the normal logistics information. If the buyer query, display the courier has been to sign somewhere, essentially this is a false deal. "This trick can fool a lot of people start, a commodity to shoot a few thousand on ten thou jordans on sale online sand are rare, so many buyers, there are always some people neglect, do not receive the goods have forgotten to apply for refund section. And after ten days after delivery Taobao automatically confirm receipt, the system defaults to praise, Alipay automatic transfer. " and loss of money compared to the buyer the biggest loss in that, by taking the seller's personal information, including name, account number Want, mobile phones, full address and so on. "These personal information, the seller can be further resold. If you find the phone often receive N number of advertising messages, will not feel strange." Mr Wu said. So, still patiently long-winded one, online shopping to carefully select the seller was not to lose the greater. (Chinese shoes Network - the most authoritative and most professional Footwear News)Nike LeBron 10 "Neon 95" personal edition to appreciate 2013-12-08 23:35:20 big Mache recently to the classic Nike Air buy cheap jordans online ; Max 95 "Neon" color for inspiration, this "neon" color grafted to Mache personal favorite custom object Nike Lebron 10, create the Nike LeBron 10 "Neon 95" personal customized version. In addition to the classic use of gray black fluorescent green color, this custom works also appeared Air Max 95 iconic wavy lines, very streamlined sense. adidas Yeezy Boost 350 baby version sales information exposed 2016-05-09 14:36:03 earlier told you, Adidas will sell children's version of Yeezy Boost 350, instantly detonated the tide of dad tide mother. Today, the network officially brought for sale information, shoes will have 3 color matching, respectively, "Pirate Black", "Turtle Dove" and "Beluga", in which B "eluga" for Yeezy Boost 350 V2 version pricing is 200 dollars, and the remaining two models are priced at $120. Three kinds of shoes will be officially on sale in August 15th, I believe that it is a berserk ah, after all, to s Retro jordans for sale pend money on their children, but parents quite willing ah. With adidas's Primeknit weaving techniques and Boost cushioning soles popular, recent, Y-3 main reason people Yohji Yamamoto put these two popular technologies in their own shoes Boost QR in. It is reported that the new Boost QR shoes into the high-grade black leather and black and white Primeknit woven materials, equipped with light soles Boost cushioning outsole, wealthy than the high street has no shortage of flu breathability and cushioning comfort. Currently, the shoes have been designated store shelves around the world, a friend might like to pay more attention.Hot Wheels Nike LeBron 9 iD personal customization LED lights 2013-12-08 22:10:34 installed in the bottom of the LED Crystal Light is not a new thing, the Milky Way is a good spray before work. Today this double LeBron 9 iD is particularly special, LeBron was in the game against the 76ers wearing, crystal out Cheap jordans online air jordan 11 blackout for sale sole in the placement of the LED lights, so that double the original Common iD transformed into nightclubs weapon, after a foot away It looks more like a foot Hot Wheels.[Chinese shoes Network - when the new equipment] This pair of Miami Away color of Nike LeBron X + nickname called "pressure" ~ full pressure away. Simple black and red color, in the end inkjet crystal outsole, heat away color, black shoes are in fact covered with red glitter, you can see the details later. here to do some version of the explanation, with a pressure sensor NIKE PLUS version of the LeBron X + the Swoosh is diamond cut shape, but there is no plus sign LeBron X is the use of smooth Swoosh. With close to 500 dollars difference between the two. Of course Lionhead lace buckle plus version also unique, practice wear off after a possible effect on this part and AJ5 generation crystal buckle, the last will become a decoration, it is recommended to everyo cheap air jordans ne this Lionhead toe movement, less influence to wear off. dynamic fly line vamp sprang directly from the prototype design makes knitting lace eyelets on each can have double the fixed and protection, it also let LeBron X when some fluency on foot impact, but always pros and cons, wearing a slower time, then put on a loose shoelace is not easy. followed by lining elaborate graphics became the LeBron X inspired small window, diamond cut pattern on the 6th, the color red background of the painting, the upper edge of the fitting red glitter on there to see Why, shoes are covered with such a small detail, not found under normal circumstances. Air Max big cushion, take the red rubber cushioning fiber pull ~~ peripheral module with full charge of air cushion makes the foot feeling softer, key parts of the middle is thicker Zoom using the same fiber design allows reaction AIR is more sensitive than large people all tried Jiaogan fee air jordan 11 space jam for sale dback is soft, soft chip version of the ordinary version of the softer, more violent basketball attitude needs to control it. soles of the lines also used light and cutting shape, looks more suitable for the infield to try the shoes, the ordinary version of the LeBron X XDR there are places designed for wear-resistant rubber outer design. Swoosh with a metallic luster on the shoe body still has its special effect. (Chinese shoes Network - the most authoritative and most professional Footwear News) to celebrate the famous skateboarder Eric Koston's first two individual Nike SB skate shoes, five NBA champion Losangeles Lakers star Kobe Bryant's brother Eric Koston and slide the shoes as a combination of features, launched the co branded shoes. The design of Kobe Bryant in addition to see rich basketball shoes design elements, it use the Nike version of SB Zoom Eric and Lunarlon Koston style, lightweight technology will provide jordans on sale mens the loading required for movement function. Each pair of shoes will also attach pouch and Eric suede Koston Memorial golf, and in May 21st Losangeles Staples Center stadium in Nike Vault stores Limited sold 24 pairs, but also echoed back Kobe Bryant, very interesting. add:Nike Vault: 1111, South, Figueroa, St.Los, Angeles, CA 91005, United, States adidas Originals Superskate MidNSW rock Wo nails; sports shoes shop Bodega 5th anniversary commemorative shoes on sale soon comments on A: adidas Originals Superskate Mid rock Wo nails a shoe shop: NSW Bodega 5th anniversary commemorative shoes on sale soon Converse black and white camouflage assassin, since the emergence of ape man, a variety of dazzling camouflage colors from the rule of the rivers and lakes of half of the country. Among them, black and white camouflage is one of the big heat. Converse of camouflage also has a special liking, this time in winter 2013 quarter will continue to design around one of the Jack's headed sign Purcell, released from the chic " Black + White; Camo" new color. The continuation of the classic shoes outline, the use of high-quality materials to create a suede shoe body, with black and white camouflage patterns across the full color, low-key yet eye-catching bright spot, and equipped with with "white sulfide rubber soled open smile" signature detail features. , Vans, green elves, Vans, OTW 2013, holiday season, Ludlow, Bamboo, series shoes, Air, Max family, new forces, Nike, Air, Max, 93, new color design, Volt" comments on : "Vans green Vans OTW 2013 holiday season Ludlow" Bamboo series shoes next: Air Max family new forces Nike Air Max 93 new color design "Volt""Supreme has recently released a new joint project, the Supreme got from the Dezhou Rap-A-Lot Records joint, the joint series includes jackets, hoodies, pillows and other variety of products, it is reported that the series will be in April 8th officially on sale in Japan, and is released in April 16th in the world's major designated shops. After the championship in Jinzhou warriors, Kevin Durant also expressed Cleveland tough style certainly at the end of the game, and said Kyrie Irving of offensive skills has gone beyond the Allen Iverson, the multi skill package called kaleidoscope.& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp;? [Chinese shoes Network - Brand News] According to the British "Daily Mail" reported on February 25 reported that 31-year-old Australian supermodel Miranda can be children become the Reebok (Reebok ) brand sports shoes spokesperson. Photo Miranda? Can children in the towel on a massage table wearing tight, very casual smile, looks very sexy casual. The pair of pink feet sneakers become highlights. Since 2012, the supermodel has become the Reebok brand spokesperson. Because maintain a perfect figure, she was known to be a fan of endorsement brand sports shoes the best choice objects. Before she had shared his proposal to maintain a perfect body. "I'm very healthy diet rules, often practicing yoga exercise. In addition, no other special secret." Currently, Miranda can be children for several endorsement. In addition to working with Reebok, she also became the H & amp; M's new faces, replace German supermodel Heidi Klum has become Clear Hair & amp; Scalp Therapy brand new spokesperson. As a supermodel Miranda can be children also recently recorded Elvis "You re The Boss" the new version, but she said that he did not open the concert business plan, despite their love of music, but the music just as interesting stuff. The song "You re The Boss" will be on March 14 to be downloaded to play on iTunes. (Chinese shoes Network - the most authoritative and most professional shoe News Media Partners: shoes famous network of global fashion brand network)