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[Chinese shoes Network - Shoes World GUIDE]? If Li Ning and Nike to sell as expensive, and you'll believe who bought this problem is not difficult to answer. However, the key question is: Why consumers, especially after 90 willing to spend more money to buy Li Ning, Nike instead it ? Imagine, when consumers into the store, when faced with an array, a wide range of sporting goods, how will they choose? Young generally more emphasis on product design. For the design, there are 1,000 people in the eyes of 1000 Hamlet, everyone's aesthetic vary. Nike, Adidas, Li Ning, though not the same, but there is no obvious beauty and ugliness of the points, obviously, the product design is not the key factor behind Li Ning, Nike's lies. Although the domestic sports brand Li Ning, the leader, but in the international market is not such as Nike and Adidas, Li Ning, after all, to start later than they, no first-mover advantage. However, Nike was founded in 1963, while Adidas was founded in 1920, but now the world's first sports brand Nike rather than Adidas, visible, then the identity is not the main reason. So, Li Ning lost exactly what Nike? The first defeat: Brand dwarfs less than Li Ning, Nike, Adidas and other international big names, first in the brand image. No matter which corner of the earth, a mention Nike, almost everyone knows; and Li Ning, except in the larger Chinese influence in the international market is nowhere near as Nike, Adidas, so familiar. Although they are in order to improve brand a cheap air jordans wareness, thus heavily invite some well-known sports star to do endorsements, and sponsored a number of very high concern sporting events. Thus, in the mind of the consumer awareness, sponsorship influence and charisma spokesperson directly determines the image of sports brand positioning. On demand advertising content, the leader Nike behaved very well. Nike's advertising focused on mental communication with the target consumer, good advocacy in a unique spiritual value to be resonating with consumers, rather than how good the quality of its products, or the like, and so conducive to health products functional demands. Nike is not so much advertising in the marketing of the product, it is more in the spirit of promoting a sport, it is enough to make Li Ning catch up. In the spokesperson of choice, compared to Li Ning, Nike and Adidas, and more seem far distance. Nike spokesman football has C Ronaldo, Wayne Rooney, Ronaldinho, Robinho and a number of international players like; and Li Ning's football spokesperson generation of Li Tie, the second generation of Lu Lin, undeniable, Both of these are very good Chinese football players, but the Chinese football has been in the eyes of people not to mention what the image, let alone Li Ning's international image. In basketball spokesman, Nike aside the myth of Michael Jordan basketball have influenced an era, the light now LeBron & middot; James, Kobe & middot; Bryant, Dirk & middot; Dirk Nowitzki, Kevin & middot ; Durant, Steve & middot;? Nash and so jordan 3 katrina 2018 these NBA superstars, basketball enthusiasts in mind which one does not own the supremacy spokesman Li Ning basketball's most famous and only O'Neal. I think: compared to Li Ning, Nike, the brand image of the far gap. Nike has become synonymous with the world's best sports equipment, and Li Ning just the road too! This is Li Ning's first defeat. The second failure: Product layout is too narrow In terms of products, in order to cover a broader consumer groups, sports products for different consumer groups to have the product line, but different styles of products to work together to carry the connotation of the brand value. Nike on this point can be described as remarkable, it has AF series of classic shoes, football fans have been regarded as a classic "Legend" series of soccer shoes, as well as in Jordan, Kobe Bryant and other super star named sneakers series and so on. In contrast lining, it does not scream loud classic series. In contrast, Li Ning trip to a big turn, the consumer groups clearly defined as 90. In my opinion, this is actually a very mistake decision. The reason, first, this change so that Li Ning brand equity over time since a long time not to continue, resulting in a tremendous impact on the long-term development of the brand Li Ning, which is the first taboo of brand management. Second, Li Ning shouted to great fanfare after 90 personality made shoes, this is not obvious take 70, 80 of these already have a certain brand loyalty of main consumer groups rejected it? Th Retro jordans for sale e move to narrow its own strategic layout does not say, but also deeply hurt the feelings batch of loyal consumers, resulting in serious loss of brand equity. Third, Li Ning so dedicated to the 90 to pay, but will not necessarily buy it accounts 90. For them, the shoes do not you say to me I'll buy you clothes and shoes do not drift beautiful, I did not like the star to do endorsements, there is no advocate of my favorite brand culture, there is no like me These are the questions the value orientation. Of course, the Li Ning turn around, certainly has his own reason lies. Li Ning see is the future market, the 90 groups are mature, their purchasing power is also growing, the future of sports goods market will become 90 after the home consumer groups. But then again, this does not mean that consumers have to Li Ning, the other's a pole all killed, cut their target consumer groups. In fact, Li Ning also with Nike, Adidas, like the introduction of different products for different consumer groups, there is also a retro trend, avant-garde and classical, so they would not foolish pick sesame. This is Li Ning's second defeat. Third defeat: about sales channels swing In terms of sales channels, Li Ning, there are also some problems. Channel is the sporting goods business another important pillar in addition to the brand. Brand manufacturers and traders in large international channel strategy different. The more traditional kind of strategy is "outsourcing" system, that is the way the sale of part of jordans on sale mens the distribution channels to take care of. Some companies have chosen to self-built channels. Li Ning in the choice of channel strategy based on the use of outsourcing is to achieve sales, then concentrate on doing their own products. This common practice is a lot of peers, not without justification. However, even taking the outsourcing system, we should also be careful to develop a reasonable distribution strategy, and should not be wavering. In this regard, Li Ning's approach is worth reviewing. how to balance between the dealers and distributors to coordinate the interests of other aspects of the relationship, Li Ning company handled rough, resulting in a high number of original loyalty distributors complained: "Do for 10 years, Li Ning, in the end actually nothing found his own feelings. "Under the influence of this problem, according to the current order price, Li Ning in 2011 overall sales will fall about 5 percent year on year. At the same time, due to increase channels to accelerate the reform and speed inventory liquidation, the company profit margins will decline in 2011 to around 6% to 7%. contrast lining chaotic distribution strategy, international big names I temporarily take Nike to do more, local rival Anta has done in this respect Chapter law and confidence. Anta channels in order to build their own future, as early as in 2006 on the investment front, Ltd. was established in Shanghai, and fully into the sporting goods retail industry. At present, Shanghai set up five strikers L cheap foamposites td., a wholly owned subsidiary in Xiamen, Suzhou, Beijing, Harbin, Guangzhou and other places, operating Adidas, Reebok and Kappa and other sports brands. Anta first, with those high-end brands to open their own sales channels, then covered at this stage of their products, and finally the use of channel advantages, and gradually expand its product line, rolled out its own multi-level, multi-level products, in order to continue to grow its own brand. This strategy eliminates the need to balance both distributors and other issues, but also to stabilize the situation of self-built channels, to concentrate on good products, and other competitors Game. Li Ning have to balance around, I got hit, so Li Ning defeated third defeat in the channel strategy. Li Ning reason only "China's Li Ning," and "World of Nike" still far away, I believe that the main problem lies in weak brand image, the narrow product distribution, the confusion of the three aspects of sales channels . As a Chinese sports brand Li Ning, a brother, it is certainly remarkable achievements, but its future long way to go, must give priority to solve more than a few problems to those in the global market and international predators showdown. (Chinese shoes Network - the most authoritative and most professional shoe Information Centre, shoes World Tribune microblogging)Jordan Brand previously first discloses a Air Jordan 1 Phat new works, and the double in 2000 was engraved Air Jordan 1 Retro deep blue / white classic color for thinking in the buy cheap jordans online design details of the site almost completely modeled in classical style, with deep blue suede collocation on white leather, and Air Jordan. The 1 sign special embroidery way is more perfect. This double Air Jordan 1 Phat has now landed in the global Jordan Brand stores, you missed the classic flying fans, this time back, you have to take a good grasp of! Jason Negron aka Sole Swap, he's referring to international football theme, combined with the previous Nike LeBron 9 Low "Liverpool" color, the introduction of new Nike Air Foamposite One "Liverpool" customized products, this shoe body with red suede Foamposite material collocation lace holes and black lace and decorative lining, and green color collocation toe Swoosh crystal shoe. The LOGO and Sole Swap followed by a penny label also with red and green combined with presentation. 10 years, when the old tooling boots red wing shoe shrine will be with Rancourt from Lewiston, Maine & amp; Co. to launch a flagship handmade footwear Handswen series by Rancourt factory responsible for the production, although the series The style is not varied, but that each one produced valuable manpower are both made of Seiko deliberately, launched soon after a public pursuit of quality has also been friends of all ages, so that cooperation has been maintained so far. Recently, Red Wing this Handswen series again released a new pattern of spring quarter of 2013, on a quarterly basis for the main Deck Shoe, next quarter put shift our attention to the traditional Mocc jordans on sale online asin and Oxford Boot, the same hand-advertised production, including cutting leather, stamping and stitching step, this also spend a more durable raw rubber outsole, lightweight while also strengthening the capacity of the sole of the resist is early hunting boots Red Wing's signature element. All are 2013 spring quarter of styles, all need to start with a friend intentionally wait for some time slightly. Source: inqmind & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp;Adidas Rose 3 " Brenda" release information released 2013-12-08 22:43:48 Adidas Rose 3 " Brenda" Rose favorite mother is the design inspiration, Brenda is also the mother's name. The shoes with red tone is because this is the most Brenda love color, and the words of Brenda and Ross's signature were printed on the inside of the tongue, is very meaningful. It is reported that the shoes will be on sale in November 19th, the price is 160 dollars. Nike KD 9 "Cool Grey" object appreciation 2016-05-23 14:38:25The team swept the warriors Du bag today, in addition to the more people care about is wearing the boots on his feet. "Dumped" Nike's 8 Elite, KD, directly dressed in KD 9! Just the network for everyone to bring Durant match the color of the object, the overall gray rendering, Flyknit uppers, and the bottom of the Zoom, let it have Nike's core technology. It is reported that the shoes will be on sale in June, priced at 15 jordan retro 14 white/fuchsia blast/black 0 U.S. dollars, interested friends can pay attention to it. The Jordan Super.Fly 4 is the next installment of the Jordan Super.Fly series set to release from Jordan Brand. This silhouette is one of the more popular shoes from the brand aside from their Air Jordans series. Advertisment Adding some upgrades while keeping its traditional look, the Jordan Super.Fly 4 is built with a one-piece, no-sew base that offers mesh detailing for lightweight breathability. The shoe keeps its Zoom cushioning that looks to be complete with FlightPlate. An external heel counter is built on the back for stability for the foot for all motion movement. As of right now there is no exact release date set for the first launch of the Jordan Super.Fly 4, as reports have them debuting later this October 2015. Check out the detailed photos of one of the upcoming releases as well as a few other colorways below and let us know what your first thoughts of the silhouette are in the comments section? Source: US11We in fashion, always taking turns, each wave in the cycle, but for the white shoes, it is an exception, as you are standing inside the shoe, always a pair, never left in the teeth of the storm in the circle of fashion. on Sunday, the well-known APP nice picture of social in Beijing Sanlitun trendy shop SOULGOODS shop, in such a pair of white shoes almost as the theme, fashion nicer call in the capital to participate in the called party walking catalog ". At the scene, everyone except the exchange of whi air jordan 11 space jam for sale te shoes collocation while illustrator succulency also used his brush collocation for the presence of each Master recording the day dress that day, we are holding this piece of "offbeat collocation self for sharing. If there is no chance to live also never mind, look at the highlights, do your collocation in preparation for the next campaign, perhaps the next activity in your host city.boys: Hello, went to the icon crowd celebrities wear new shoes, This week , Xiao Bian again for everyone in Europe and the domestic star ICON latest one week on the foot of shoes are introduced. easy to catch the trend at home and abroad, also can be used as a reference model for daily wear collocation. DJ SODA Air Jordan 4 goddess DJ SODA is still the same place, the same position, the same amazing. The white coat with Air Jordan 4 SUPREME "Pure Money" is not only a new color collocation effect is excellent, it is her long legs off a more fair. Adrianne ho NikeAir VaporMax adrianne ho in STUSSY NIKE parade vest, foot shoes Air VaporMax top technology and the tower to a photo. This pair of Air VaporMax in the design of the body of the shoe laces and outstanding, fly line details are run through with black tone, and compared with VaporMax transparent Air sole is more "smoke". Bella Hadid Nike Classic Cortez 1972 officially released Nike Cortez, it is not only the beginning of symbolic Nike technology, but also the immortal classic fashion shoes foot. Because of this pair of shoes in the debut film "the true stor Cheap jordans online air jordan 11 blackout for sale y of Agam" is more affectionately called "Agam shoe" is a symbol of enduring in popular culture. Supermodel Bella wear classic Nike Classic Cortez compatible with the interpretation of modern and classic fashion style. Justin Bieber VANS Slip On Bibb once again on foot he loves to wear the checkerboard color VANS Slip On, the black and white checkerboard dark lines than traditional forms of a deep flavor, white stockings collocation is a good demonstration outfit, careful you must GET to the skill! A$AP ROCKY Air Jordan 1 RetroHigh Rocky likes to wear Air Jordan 1 on weekdays, and this week on a pair of feet is called "Shattered Backboard" color. Based on the classic black leather shoes on to toe, heel and outsole with orange to create contrast, is based on the Michael Jordan in Italy on 1985 exhibition game in Jersey as inspiration to design. But in addition to shoes, the trousers Rocky light 〉 Jordan basketball shoes, because of comfort, fashion design, as well as good protection performance, by the vast numbers of basketball enthusiasts love. Jordan Jordan: generation 1 generation issue from the beginning by the union is prohibited, because when the Bulls coach Don't allow people to wear this pair of shoes, the reason is not coordinated with the team colors, Jordan 1 with white black red, hard rubber outsole, there is no technical content, in fact this pair of shoes is very heavy, but is the beginning of an era! Jordan two: Jordan concise design of the 2 generation is the main reason for its many fans, he moved to the basketball from the shoe tongue. The technical content of this section of shoes is still not high, but in the use of materials on the uppers of a lot of attention, this section of shoes debut in 1986! Jordan three generation: Jordan 3 generation, this is the real first generation flying cushion shoes, Nike used the visible air cushion for the first time, this is also the Jordan series for the first time used "flying trapeze" sign, Joe 3 was officially launched in 1987. Jordan four generation: Jordan 4 generation, this paragraph of shoes dynamic flying trapeze logo, handwritten flight words full of jumping sense. It was this ingenious design that saved Nike and flying stars! Jordan five generation: Jordan 5 generations, officially launched in 1989. The first application of the reflective material, this shoe used in the 4 generation technology in function, appearance is more modern and more beautiful, especially the tongue of Jordan logo are considerably. Jordan six: Jordan 6, 1990 officially launched, 6 on behalf of the design is presented for the first time on the concept of rubber shoe buckle, this was very popular, the designer will use it to the 6 generation of lace, it can easily fasten shoelaces also play a very good decorative role. Jordan seven: Jordan 7, 1991, the 91-92 season is Jordan Jordan wearing this pair of boots, because the 7 generation to win the championship in the 92 Barcelona Olympics, so the 7 generation in the Jordan series appear more precious. The biggest feature is that the color is particularly large, the design was very popular shoelace fixed device, the upper flying trapeze logo for the whole shoe to add a lot of color. Jordan eight generation: Jordan 8 generation, published in 1993. Great breakthroughs have been made in the design, reflecting the design concept of science and technology at that time. The stability of the vamp is enhanced. Absorb the design idea of running shoes, a large number of rubber materials reduced, reducing the weight of shoes. The 8 generation was introduced before Jordan's first retirement, and had special significance in the Jordan series. Jordan's nine generation: Jordan's 9 generation, released in 1994, is the only pair of Jordan shoes that have not worn on the field before Jordan's second retirement. Reflect the design of the 9 generation more world of thought, at this time of Jordan is not only the American hero, let the fans around the world for his skills and reach the acme of perfection. So far, really entered the golden heyday of Jordan basketball shoes. Jordan ten generation: Air, Jordan, X, available in 1995 to fashion Daren itself Russell Westbrook, first Jordan signature Jordan Westbrook 0 to store Colette in Paris after the sale, is now officially landing Footlocker. The first red, grey color, shoes from AirJordan series of the classic AJ11 inspiration, presented in the bottom of the shoe waist, curing the Lifestyle shoes. get reloaded, the app store search "get" to download the latest version, more information about shoes, more beauty pretty shoes, Nike grab shoes, true and false identification of shoes, cool T-shirt gold and get everything; detailed inquiry micro letter "dunkhome", "getdunkhome", micro Bo "when the guest," "getapp" and get our sports life! source: footlockerTribute: Jason, Kidd's classic sneakers review 2013-12-08 23:22:53 2013 is destined to be a year of departure, from the field to the basketball court, a number of legendary stars formally bid farewell to their own fighting for many years of the stadium. Jason Kidd once said, he and Hill plan to play the 20 season and then retired, however, Hill played 19 seasons after retirement, then, in the two days after Hill announced retirement, Kidd also announced his retirement, two rookie of the year in 1994 in the same year to leave the stadium. Jason Kidd's shoes and his occupation career as exciting, but at the end of occupation career briefly joined domestic brands PEAK, Kidd at the foot of the shoes, the most impressive is the classic Nike several pairs of shoes, today, we will review the Kidd career classic shoes, in this way to review the legendary. Wei's brilliant career. 20. Nike Zoom GP 3 19. Nike Air Zoom 1 Flight 18. Peak Jason Kidd 3 17. Nike Air Flight Maestro 16. Nike Air Flight Afterburner 15. Nike Zoom BB 14. Nike Zoom Kidd MORF 13. Jordan Team Flow 12. Nike Zoom Flight 2K3 11. Nike Zoom Flight Turbine 10.Air Jordan 13 " Grey 〉