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since May 24th, against "Sarah?" Stone's voice can be heard without end. As a global influence of sexy actress, its "earthquake in Wenchuan, China," the "retribution" argument came to the vast numbers of Chinese consumers, and even across the globe harsh attack. With the image of Stone or Sarah? Iritani, Dior PR department also issued a panic, emphasizing its "does not support any harm Chinese emotional speech", "on the reconstruction of disaster areas to support the attitude at the same time, will also be" fired Sarah? Stone?" The urgent matter is put on the agenda. without doubt, Dior has to think about where the brand should be when a conflict between "sexy" and "character" occurs age and maturity; IQ = = wisdom; sexy beauty; by the end of 2005, the president of Dior in the face of the media t jordans on sale mens hat we chose Sarah? Stone, because she is popular all over the world, at the age of 40, the age of 40 still has beautiful appearance, full of intellectual and independent. Subsequently, Sarah? Stone once endorsement of Dior's perfume, skin care products such as watches, a variety of products, skin care products advertising slogan "mature, intelligent and beautiful", and become the "international signing spokesperson" (Dior brand responsible person). Stone and Sarah? Recently remarks are completely subvert its "mature, intelligent and beautiful" image. Reporters interviewed, inadvertently removed the commercial packaging made masks, it was found that the original has been deceived. There is no doubt that under disaster and real humanitarianism, people understand that age is not equal to maturity, IQ is not intelligen air jordan 11 space jam for sale ce, and sex appeal is not beauty. To choke the angry consumers and businesses quickly removed on all publicity materials Stone Sarah?. it should be said that Dior's attitude is worthy of recognition. Nevertheless, although Dior argues that Sarah? Stone this season's new spokesperson, but consumers are still uncomfortable. Dior and the media, as an accomplice, and Sharon Stone deceived the whole world together?. Dior's crisis public relations are still going on, and there is no doubt that the Chinese people's feelings need to be fully respected, has become the most basic principle of dealing with this crisis. then, in this image behind the subversion, but also exposed the brand endorsement of the spread of this brand of malpractice. In fact, in recent years, this problem has also led to many brand managers thin cheap air jordans king, then, how to help celebrity rapid development of the brand? for whom ad: let the star be just model "after all these years, Jinjiang shoes have made great leaps in style, quality and technology, and many enterprises have even reached the international standard."." The day before, came to attend the ninth session of China (Jinjiang) International Footwear Fair Taiwan shoe industry association chairman Lin Zhaojie while visiting the exhibition hall, and exclaimed. As we have learned, since Lin Zhaojie held the first international shoe fair in Jinjiang in 1999, each session will take Taiwan entrepreneur and buyer to come to participate. "the mainland market is very big; it needs both sides of the shoe market to meet."." Lin Zhaojie analysis, in recent years, the mainland for the demand of the shoe, jordans on sale online with the annual growth rate of 30%, according to this trend continues, five years later, the mainland market consumption capacity will be "very scary". "this also creates opportunities for Taiwan enterprises to enter the mainland market."." Lin Zhaojie thinks, before, Taiwan businessmen are engaged in foreign trade through mainland enterprises, that is, foreign trade orders to mainland enterprises, mainland enterprises to do OEM for them. In addition to the past two years to set up production plants in Jinjiang, Taiwan shoe business, as of now, Taiwan shoe enterprises only "Daphne" in a China factory production, and directly sold to the domestic market. Lin Zhaojie said, Taiwan shoe raw materials and production technology are in the leading position in domestic and abroad. In recent years, cross-strait e Cheap jordans online air jordan 11 blackout for sale xchanges have been close, and many advanced technologies in Taiwan have been transmitted to Jinjiang in time. And Jinjiang shoes enterprises learning ability is very strong, just a few years, many enterprises have mastered the "Essentials", and through their own research, gradually showing the trend of transcendence. innovation is the foundation of enterprise's competitiveness; it depends on many resources to realize it. And the most important two parts are technology research and development and talents." Lin Zhaojie said, Jinjiang, like Taiwan, like the establishment of its own shoe R & D center, funded by the government and shoe-making union half, for the development of the entire footwear industry in Jinjiang long-term and overall research and development. And talents need to set up talent training centers to Retro jordans for sale help them improve production efficiency through training, and ultimately save productivity and competitiveness. (Editor: admin)Adidas Originals Rod Laver 2013-12-08 22:51:19 snake version of the debut this year major brands for the next year, the year of the snake is unprecedented attention, although not to the new year, but by the snake as the design concept of the shoes as emerging like bamboo shoots after a spring rain. This time, Adidas Originals released a snake print version of Rod Laver. The shoes are made of white shoes with the snake shape of the front part, simple and exquisite.The day before, VisVim will launch four new color LOGAN LO series. Each pair of shoes are made of pure color tannin cloth, and the inside is also using breathable leather material, so that the shoes breathable comfortable, not onl cheap foamposites y retains the overall simplicity of the Japanese style of design, material selection is also more prominent American style. At present, the four pairs of shoes have been sold, interested friends may wish to pay attention to it.Nike Air Max 95 coincides with the twentieth anniversary, the recent well-known star LeBron & middot; James put on a new Nike LeBron 12 Low sneakers when unveiled in public, interestingly, just shoes into "Air Max 95 "element as the main color, familiar design, people have a misconception, the clever integration of LeBron 12 Low 95 and Air Max, really interesting. However, the shoes currently available information that is not clear, and interested friends please pay close attention to shoe fans follow-up reports.Sock dart because previously and Hiroshi Fujiwara's joint color series is quite Sheng na jordan retro 14 white/fuchsia blast/black me, in recent months is often released new color real; now back, after repeated exposure to the sock dart "All-Red color formally with the official map, showing the overall Quanhong. It is reported, it will be in the other two pure white and pure blue color composition" Independence Day "the theme of a series of sale. get reloaded, the app store search "get" to download the latest version, more information about shoes, more beauty pretty shoes, Nike grab shoes, true and false identification of shoes, cool T-shirt gold and get everything; detailed inquiry micro letter "dunkhome", "getdunkhome", micro Bo "when the guest," "getapp" and get our sports life! foreign friends cakeduplv recently, the drying out of their own baking masterpiece, before to celebrate the day of air max, ingenuity, he made three air max exclusive cap jordan 3 katrina 2018 cake: air max 1 og, air max 1 & quot; Safari" and air max 95. A Cup Cake Xiao Bian said can not endure, small Cup Cake Air Max series can't endure! Choose difficult to have wood have! First eat left foot or right foot? First eat Max Air 1 or Max Air 95? Slobber have stayed on, do not say I'm going to wipe, you admire: from the map to see if there is a chocolate and butter flavor of the two options, to see people's small friends to eat so happy, I...This is used to pay tribute to Michael Jordan School of the University of North Carolina Jordan 6 Air UNC once again released a spy, this use of black suede shoes wrapped body and extraction of the University of North Carolina's iconic blue dotted in the end, tail and detail, with full of charm of North Carolina color will display Air Jordan 6 spring second. item: 384664-006 buy cheap jordans online release date: December 23rd air-jordan-6-unc-black-university-blue-384664-006-1.jpg (311.2 KB, download number: 0) download Air Jordan 6 UNC exposure again 2017-7-11 08:15 upload air-jordan-6-unc-black-university-blue-384664-006.jpg (316.61 KB, download number: 0) download Air Jordan 6 UNC exposure again 2017-7-11 08:15 upload air-jordan-6-unc-black-university-blue-384664-006-5.jpg (288.11 KB, download number: 0) download Air Jordan 6 UNC exposure again 2017-7-11 08:15 upload air-jordan-6-unc-black-university-blue-384664-006-2.jpg (334.08 KB, download number: 0) download Air Jordan 6 UNC exposure again 2017-7-11 08:15 Air upload Jordan 6, UNC 002010 launch of the Air Jordan 6 Oreo is expected to return to the stage in this year, still choose black shoes as main colors, from white dotted in the bottom and the tongue of Jumpman Logo, while the black bottom white ink attachment IQ design, finally collocation blue crystal bottom. air-jordan-6-retro-oreo-2014.jpg (109.82 KB, download number: 0) download 2014-6-17 09:45 Air Jordan upload 6, Oreo, Oreo, aj6 00today's NBA a total of 12 games. LeBron comeback cut 3 double rider Lectra piston. Rockets win over the Hornets temporarily in the western section 5; Shen Tang three sections 42 warriors escape the Grizzlies three winning streak, small Jordan two pairs of wins the Clippers to dig gold ranks third; negative Dirk rested the Mavericks Jazz missed four straight; King home escape the Lakers over 3 successive defeats; Wei little 36+11 thunder wins development ranks ninth in; eyebrows capture two pairs of Pelican west wolf 8. Pau Gasol two pairs of bull broken nets east 3; wade 22+5 demolition magic over 2 losing streak; three scored 20 + Knicks upset wins over the Hawks; bucks win 76 people three winning streak in the east the 6. Next up to enjoy today's NBA players on the foot of the foot shoes. Geoff: adidas Crazy Light BoostTeague.Carol DeMar - LeBron 12NikeNike Kyrie 1Jackson, Reggie.Kaili Erwin - Kyrie Nike 1 PEJames Lebron - LeBron Nike 12 PE- adidas D Lillrad. Damian Lillard 1 PEWestbrook Russell - Jordan XX9 PEAirMaikawei - Nike Kyrie 1, Nike Kyrie 1- Smith Ismail. James. Nike run the one harden, Jeff. Taylor, air jordan XX9, Bismarck. Bi Yongbo, air jordan XX9Under Armour ClutchFit. Kemba Walker - Drive PERichard - Nike Hyperrev 2015 PEJefferson.Adidas Crazy - Sam dent. AIKE Light Boost PE, Amare Stoudemire - Nike Zoom Soldier 8Derek Ross - adidas . D Rose 5 Boost PE, Nike Hyperrev, Williams Delong. 2015 PEButler Jimmy - Jordan XX9Air- Nike KD 7. Zach Lavin, Andrew Wiggins -- adidas〉.0.jpg (359.9 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2014-2-9 17:18 upload Ruovo Co. Air Jordan 1.jpg (265.89 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2014-2-9 17:18 upload Jordan, private20100804123216.jpg (25 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2010-8-4 17:47 upload 20100804122707_0_.jpg (82.51 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2010-8-4 17:47 upload 20100804122707_1_.jpg (68.96 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2010-8-4 17:47 upload 20100804122707_2_.jpg (81.9 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2010-8-4 17:47 upload